Web Events

I thought it could be interesting for you to know where to find web virtually :
(and you might understand why, sometimes, I scream "I'm laaattteeeee, I have nooo timmeee")

Current Events (and Unpublished yet) :


Character of the Week #254 : The Queen of Seren (July)
Character of the Week #253 : The Wasteland Marauder (July)
Character of the Week #246 : The Archangel (May)
Character of the Week #242 : Royal Wedding (April)
23h Comic Day (March)
Glamour Girl contest (March)
Le Dixième Art : Fan Art Contest (March)
CFSL "Draw for Japan" Contest (March)

Le Dixième Art : Cadavre Exquis Spécial Jeu vidéo
CFSL Pirates Exhibition Contest
I Love Your Game

LaFraise : Tee Contest


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