Hi ! I'm Kalumis, 2D artist in video game and as you can see, I'm a proud lover of pin-up art. Friends of mine ask me about make a Bonjour Madame blog style, with my own pin-ups. Challenge accepted !

I draw them daily and that's really fun !
Here's the set already made :
- Disney
- Astro
- Seasons

In the video game set :
- Many singles females hero !
- Classics (Tetris, space invaders, etc...)
- Dance Central
- Street Fighter
- Final Fantasy ( from VII to XIII-2)
- Diablo 3
- League of Legends
- Gravity Rush
- Brütal Legend
- Dead Rising
- Resident Evil
- Tekken
- Mush
- Half-Life
-Streets of Rage
- The Legend of Dragoon
- Soul Calibur

In the Original Creation Set :
- 7 suicide sins
- Underdream's girls (My personnal comic book project)
- Shadow Zodiac
- Tribal Elemental
- Greek Mythology
- Norse Mythology (Currently active)

There's much to do ! Hope you like them ;)

You can find me on Facebook for infos, simple support, tchat, future contests and so much more !
I'm also on Twitter and Deviant art !

About this blog content : These images are not free for use. Please contact me for any external use.
The originals characters are still the propriety of their creators. Please respect this.

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  1. l'enfer , je suis beaucoup plus porté sur les j-rpg que sur les fps et je me sais pietre musicien , je vais me renseigner sur Mush cela doit etre bien.